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Social Networking Wars

2008-04-22 14:09:59 by SuperNews

Hi Newgrounderinos! This is SuperNews, a Flash-animated TV show that takes a satirical look at politics and pop-culture! It airs on the cable network Current TV. (Two of the animators for the show are Newgrounds regulars Dustball and Gel!!

I figure you guys might be interested, so I'll try to remember to post new episodes here in our blog. You can always keep up with us on our site:

(In case you're wondering why as a Flash show, we don't just upload swfs to NG like normal people, the reason is #1 although we create each scene in Flash, the show is put together in video like any other show. #2 it's an actual show on cable so there are tricky legal issues with distribution etc.)

So now take a look at one of our latest episodes dealing with the ever-growing world of social networking on the web!

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Also view it on the SuperNews homepage! al_networking_wars


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2008-04-22 15:02:16

Indeed, newgrounds being one of them :)